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m:anage your web simple, easy, smart

m:web is a comprehensive web solution, based on content management system (CMS).
The solution empowers the development of highly complex web sites, and enables simple content updating without any expert knowledge in web technology.

Why m:web?

 We give
•  unique design
•  efficient development
•  reliable support

You get
•  simple updates
•  easy publishing
•  smart web

m:web enables

•  Quality & Creativity. High quality of creative communications and visual solutions
•  Concept & Design. Implementation of complex web site Concept and Design
•  Content management. «Manage yourself» content and web site navigation (CMS)
•  User management . Content management by user roles
•  Workflow & Collaboration . Application of predefined workflow for content management
•  Versioning. Version management, archiving and audit trail
•  Publishing. Real time content updates
•  Multi channel publishing. Single point for content management of multiple web sites
•  Related content. Simple and easy content emphasis
•  Search . Web content search
•  Multilingual. Single point for content management of multiple language versions of web sites
•  Scalability. Scalable and interoperable with external systems
•  Mobile . Ability to display content on mobile devices (MDA, PDA,...)

m:web products include

•  Warranty
•  License
•  Education
•  User manual
•  Support Center