Company profile

MULTILINK d.o.o., Engineering solutions and consulting , is a leading Croatian company in the field of endorsement, application and transfer of information and communication technology, above all Internet and mobile technologies. Multilink was founded in 1989. Today it hires 25 employees and a larger number of associates in its offices in Rijeka and Zagreb .

Multilink designs, develops and implements comprehensive integrated solutions for e-business and

Rich Media Delivery . These solutions include system integration & technical support for setup and maintenance of computer and communications infrastructure.

We actively participate in numerous expos, conventions and conferences, and support many local community cultural and educational projects, mainly those organized by schools, museums and non-for-profit organizations.


Our mission is to deliver high-quality e-solutions to our clients by using Internet and innovative information and communication technologies that will contribute to their business success and competitive advantage.

Our Clients

We are proud to say that our clients are leading Croatian companies from different business fields, but our reference list also contains different projects for clients outside the Croatian border.

Our main strategy towards clients is to deliver results-driven integrated solutions that focus to strengthen their competitiveness. Multilink is proud on its long-term client retention history which best testifies to the power and effectiveness of its work.